Datu Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Zaidel​

President of MASA

Thank you for visiting the home page of the Institute of Management Sarawak (MASA).

We are an active management organization for managers of all levels of practice and offer an array of networking and professional development opportunities.

One of our primary goals is to raise the standard of professionalism and competency in management practice.

As a President for the MASA and on behalf of the Board, I invite you to join us in achieving our vision.

MASA provides our members with opportunities to strengthen their best practices by attending our meetings where we bring in the best of the best in the management field to share their insights into this valuable profession.  Our professional development workshops, special interest groups and no-cost members only events provide additional opportunities for networking and skill enhancement.

MASA enjoys professional affiliations with several other reputable organizations. These reciprocal relationships enhance the value of our diversity and serve as a resource from which to expand our offerings to our members.

We invite you to join us on our journey of growth and to think of MASA as your place to turn to for meeting new friends, expanding your skills, and most importantly to enjoy success with a professional group of like-minded individuals.

Finally, feel free to contact me or any of our outstanding Board members for further information.

We look forward to assist you in your professional aspirations!